Skyline Partners

Accelerating Growth

Skyline Partners is a corporate development and holding company. We partner with technology firms in refining or spearheading strategic business development, product development and sales campaigns.

This business development and operational focus, combined with long-standing relationships with intermediaries, lenders, transaction service providers, and management, has resulted in a unique ability to successfully grow portfolio companies revenues through a range of economic cycles, market conditions and business opportunities.

The Skyline Partner approach is creative and disciplined which means that we are:


We are willing to explore a broad range of opportunities including those that others may deem to be either too difficult or complex.


We look for ways to create win-win solutions that enable us to innovatively complete transactions.


We select our partners carefully. We team up with experienced management teams that are charged with running the business and who desire independent equity sponsors that can provide a depth of experience and resources.

Focused on Long-term investments

We take a long-term view of consulting with management to create a lasting value for all constituent groups. We do not have artificial time horizons due to partnership investment limitations.